Assess your last year before embarking on a new adventure in 2022

Don’t look back??

My three-step process to assess your last year

  1. Think big picture about the year.
  2. Review all of my annual goals.
  3. Identify my top memories, challenges, and lessons learned for 2021.
Be a hard, but fair grader. Last year was a tough one for many of us.

Do the work to assess the last year

Invest the time — it is worth it.

A few examples of how to assess your last year

  1. Kim and I wanted to spend more time with my mom after my dad passed away — check.
  2. Riley wanted to move to Germany and chase his dream of playing soccer — check. He is there right now.
  3. I wanted to land my first paying customer for my side gig — All The Way Leadership! Check.
  4. I wanted to visit Riley while he is in Germany. Check, check. I was able to visit him twice last year.
This slide summarizes my goals for 2021.

Next step — assess my annual goals

This assessment tool is easy to use.

The final step — identify my top memories, challenges, and lessons learned

  1. Honeymoon with Kim in Jamaica — we spent some extra money to splurge on an over-the-water bungalow. Great time. Lesson learned — splurge on special occasions.
  2. Laying my father to rest in Arlington National Cemetery — was a tough and meaningful day for my family. Lesson learned — it is hard to say goodbye to loved ones. Miss you dad.
I like Facebook’s memories features.

What is the key takeaway? Assess your last year.

Don’t spend too much time looking back at last year.



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Doug Keating

Doug Keating

Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger,, Founder of All The Way Leadership!