BB2ME #17 — How to run in the scorching summer heat

Doug Keating
5 min readJul 20, 2019

I was dying, experiencing a complete meltdown. I could not breathe and was sweating like a pig. It was a hot summer day back in June 2018.

I was out for my normal evening run. The heat index was over 100 degrees.

I was still a mile from home and suffering badly. I thought — it cannot get any worse than this today. At least I was almost done — just ten more minutes.

Running into someone at the wrong time

I took a short walking break, a feeble attempt to cool down a bit.

A car I knew well turned the corner and rolled towards me. It was my old girlfriend. You have got to be kidding me — not now.

She was kind enough to smile and wave. I waved back. Of all the times to run into her — why now?

I bet she was thinking what dumbass goes for a run in this weather. This dumbass — that’s who.

Why I wrote this billboard

I am a runner. It is my exercise of choice.

Every summer I have to run in the sultry weather to stay in shape and maintain a reasonable weight.

There are probably better ways to exercise in the heat, but I am stubborn and stick to running.

The good news for me is that acclimating my body to the summer heat does not take long — just a few hard runs.

I call these runs — summer death runs.

Why? because I feel like dying during and after them.

I am decent runner for my age. Nothing spectacular.
It was hot when I ran this Army ten miler.

The first “summer death run” is particularly painful

My first summer death run usually happens in June. The weather gets into the 90s, and it is hot as hell by the early evening.

Perfect conditions for a summer death run.

Doug Keating

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