Five reasons I love spending time in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany

Gavin and I went to Europe last year. We spent the majority of the trip in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany. I have been to this region several times. Here are five reasons I love spending time in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Reason #1 — Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg. It is a fun place to visit with lots to see and do. It is an interesting contrast between old and new architecture. I recommend starting your adventure of the region in this city.

Riley in the main square of Stuttgart

Reason #2 — Castles of Baden-Wurttemberg

Baden-Wurttemberg is home to some of the coolest castles in all of Germany. Three castles that are definitely worth exploring include Hohenzollern, Lichtenstein, and Sigmaringen. I have toured all three — they are worth seeing. You can probably explore all of them in one day if you start early. They are not that far from Stuttgart.

Riley at Hohenzollern Castle (left) and Gavin at Lichtenstein castle (right).

Reason #3 — Cars

Germans are crazy about cars. Some of the best ones come from Baden-Wurttemberg. Stuttgart contains two car museums — Porsche and Mercedes Benz. The Porsche museum is great. Don’t be surprised if you see some really nice cars on the roads of this region.

The Porsche museum was awesome.

Reason #4 — natural beauty

I have driven all over Baden-Wurttemberg. It is a wonderful region to explore. There are many medieval villages worth visiting. Some are surrounded by vineyards, like Weinheim. The Black Forest is in this region. I highly recommend you spend some time there, although not too much. After all, it is just a forest.

Reason #5 — Food and drink

I eat like a Hohenzollern Prince when I am in Baden-Wurttemberg. They have excellent restaurants, pubs, cafes, and breweries in the cities. This region also makes good wine. If you like hearty German food, then you will love this region.

This region serves excellent German food and drinks to include wine and beer.

Three quick questions about Baden-Wurttemberg

  1. What is my favorite place — Heidelberg. A great university city not far from Frankfurt.
  2. What is my favorite site — Hohenzollern Castle. One of the best castles in Germany.
  3. What is my favorite hidden gem — Tubingen. Another university city that is worth a visit.
Tubingen has a nice castle on the hill overlooking the city.

I am Doug Keating and this is my letter to sons.




Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger,, Founder of All The Way Leadership!

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Doug Keating

Doug Keating

Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger,, Founder of All The Way Leadership!

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