Five reasons I love visiting Heidelberg Germany

Last month I took my older son, Gavin, to visit his brother in Germany. We were able to visit several cities and many sites.

We started our adventure in Heidelberg.

Here are five reasons I love visiting Heidelberg Germany.

Reason #1 — Castle

Heidelberg castle sits high on a hill above the city. It is a short, but steep hike to get there.

This castle was destroyed by the French and still sits in disrepair, but it is an excellent site to explore and includes the largest wine barrel in the world.

Make the hike up the hill to visit the castle — it is well worth it.

Gavin standing in the castle courtyard.

Reason #2 — Old city center

Heidelberg was not bombed during WWII so it is one of the better preserved medieval cities in Germany.

The old city center is a pedestrian zone that includes all kinds of cafes, shops, and sites.

Be sure to wander all around this section of the city to experience all that it has to offer.

The old city includes a historic hotel and several churches.

Reason #3 — location

Heidelberg is only about an hour south of Frankfurt. If you are flying in or out of Germany then Heidelberg is a great place to start or end your trip.

Don’t stay in Frankfurt — it is kind of boring.

Instead — spend a few days here.

Getting from the Frankfurt airport to Heidelberg is easy.

Reason #4 — pubs

Heidelberg is a university city. It has a lot of pubs, cafes, and other places for students to hang out. I really like the historic Red Ox pub.

There are also a few microbreweries in the city. Vetters and Kulture breweries were both great places to chill. Heidelberg is a fun city.

Spend time in the pubs with your travel buddies while here.

Vetters brewery was really close to our hotel.

Reason #5 — villages near Heidelberg

Heidelberg is excellent for day trips to nearby villages. We spent a day visiting several. Heppenheim was awesome.

We were able to explore Weinheim and Ladenburg on the same day.

Many of these villages and also some castles are less than an hour away, so I recommend getting out of the city and seeing what else is in the area.

Heppenheim was a wonderful surprise — awesome architecture.

Three quick questions about Heidelberg

  1. What is my favorite place — student prison. A historic place for students to sober up after a night of drinking.
  2. What are my favorite pubs — Red Ox, Vetters, and Kultur are all a lot of fun. There are many others.
  3. What is the best place to get a great photo — castle or bridge. Both work well for selfies.
Gavin and I goofing around on the old city bridge.

I am Doug Keating and this is my letter to sons.




Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger,, Founder of All The Way Leadership!

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Doug Keating

Doug Keating

Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger,, Founder of All The Way Leadership!

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