Five Small Countries in Europe that I want to explore this decade — Letter to Sons

Doug Keating
3 min readMay 15, 2024


Congratulations, you are going to Europe this year, 2024. However, you can’t decide where to go. The last blog listed five large European countries I hope to explore this decade. Today, I will shrink the list to five small European countries I hope to explore. Small countries tend to be easier to navigate.

The criteria used to create this list

  1. I have not visited these countries within the last decade. I have never been to a few of them.
  2. It is safe to visit. That eliminates several countries due to their proximity to Russia and Ukraine.
  3. The country is not considered one of Europe’s top twenty largest countries.

Small European Country #1 — Czech Republic

I visited this country multiple times in the 1990s while stationed in Germany with the Army. I lived about an hour from the Czech border. Back then, the Czech Republic was rough around the edges. I’m sure it’s much better now. Prague, the capital city, is beautiful. It also has several other charming cities. Let’s not forget about Good Old Czech Beer, a world-class Pilsner.

Country #2 — Croatia

Croatia is a country where you say it looks amazing when you look at pictures. It has a stunning coastline and historical cities like Dubrovnik. Croatia is hugely popular with Game of Thrones fans. The country includes many islands, wonderful beaches, warm weather, and crystal blue water.

Small European Country #3 — Slovakia

I have never been to Slovakia, which is located next to the Czech Republic. I want to visit this country for three reasons.

  1. It has stunning landscapes.
  2. Not many people go here, so I doubt it is touristy.
  3. It is covered in castles like the one pictured below.

Country #4 — Denmark

Denmark is located north of Germany. This Scandinavian country is famous for its capital city, Copenhagen. The rest of the country looks worth exploring as well. It’s small and easy to get around.

Small European Country #5 — Switzerland

Switzerland is stunningly beautiful, surrounded by the Alps. This country is perfect for anybody who loves the outdoors. I have visited this wonderful country multiple times. It seems like they manicure all the landscapes here.

One thing you may not like about Switzerland

Switzerland is expensive. Year after year, it tops the list as the most expensive European country to visit. What does that mean? Budget wisely and plan accordingly. If you’re a Backpacker or budget traveler, you’ll need to think through how you do that in this country. You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel here. However, you need to pay attention so you don’t spend too much money there.

I am Doug Keating, and this is my letter to my sons.

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