The best album from my top fifty favorite rock bands, part 2

Doug Keating
4 min readOct 15, 2022

I am counting down the best album from my top fifty favorite rock bands. In case you missed it, here is part 1. This week I will count down from #40 to #31. As always your feedback and thoughts are welcome.

The criteria I used for creating this list

Here are the three criteria I used to create it:

  1. I must own the album on vinyl.
  2. The album cannot be a greatest hits compilation
  3. No live-in-concert albums are allowed.

For example, CCR’s greatest hits record is not on the list.

The best album by the B52s is their debut record

Let’s start the list with the best album by The B-52. Their debut record includes one of the best party anthems of all time, “Rock Lobster”, as well as some strange songs such as “Planet Claire”.

Coming in at #39 — The Cars’ debut record

At #39 is The Cars. Easy pick here — their debut album. It is one of the best debut records of all time and contains many hits such as “Let the Good Times Roll”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, and “Living in Stereo”.

The best album by The Connells — Boylan Heights

At #38 is The Connells. This band has a lot of good records, so this choice is a little challenging. My selection is Boylan Heights. It is the album that got me turned onto this college radio band.

The best album by The Eagles is Hotel California

At #37 is the Eagles. Another easy choice here. Hotel California is their best record. It includes the title track, “Life in the Fast Lane”, and “New Kid in Town”. It is one of the best-selling albums of all time as well.

At #36 — The Struts with Everybody Wants

Next up is a modern band, The Struts. I enjoy all of their albums. My favorite is their first one, Everybody Wants. It is full of great songs and really rocks.

The best album by Husker Du is Flip Your Wig

At #35, is Husker Du. They are a vintage punk rock band from Minnesota. Originally I was going to select their killer double album, Warehouse, but I gave it away and have yet to replace it. Instead, I am picking Flip Your Wig. An excellent record with a good mix of hardcore punk rock and softer acoustic songs.

The best album by #34 — The Fixx with Phantoms

The best album by The Fixx may be a surprise choice. I am not picking Reach the Beach which includes several of their biggest hit songs. Instead, I am selecting Phantoms. It is a better album with great songs like “Are We Ourselves”.

Coming in at #33 — CCR with Cosmos Factory

At #33 is CCR. My pick is Cosmo’s Factory. I recently purchased this record, and it is filled with great songs. The reality is that this band released a ton of good music in a short period of time. Unfortunately, they could not keep it together and eventually broke up.

At #32 — RHCP with Unlimited Love

At #32 is the Red-Hot Chilli Peppers. A band that is still cranking out excellent music these days. Here is perhaps another surprise choice. I am selecting Unlimited Love, a double album that came out this year. Some of you enjoy their old stuff better. I don’t. I prefer their most recent releases.

The best album by Depeche Mode — Some Great Reward

At #31 is Depeche Mode. There are several strong albums from one of the original synth new wave bands. My choice is the vintage mode record Some Great Reward. It includes what I consider to be their best song, “People are People”, “Master and Servant”, and the slightly disturbing “Blasphemous Rumors”.

There you have it — part 2 of my newest list. If you recommend a band — let me know in the comments. All feedback is welcome. Feel free to post your own list.

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