The best album from my top fifty favorite rock bands, part 4

Doug Keating
5 min readOct 30, 2022

I am counting down the best album from my top fifty favorite rock bands. In case you missed the first few videos in this series, here are parts 1, part 2, and part 3. This week I cover part 4 of the list and count down from #20 to #11. As always your feedback and thoughts are welcome.

The criteria I used for creating this list

Here are the three criteria I used to create it:

  1. I must own the album on vinyl.
  2. The album cannot be a greatest hits compilation
  3. No live-in-concert albums are allowed.

The best album by KOL is When You See Yourself

Let’s start the list with the best album by Kings of Leon. It is When You See Yourself. It is not their most popular record, but it is their best. Tons of great music on their latest release.

Coming in at #20 — Let’s Rock by the Black Keys

Also at #20 is The Black Keys with Let’s Rock. This is a hard choice to make because the Black Keys have so many great albums. Let’s Rock is the one that I own that I enjoy the most.

The best album by Crowded House is their debut record

At #19 is a hugely underrated Australian band, Crowded House. My choice is their debut album. It includes so much good music including the hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

The best album by the Alarm is Strength

At #18 is The Alarm. Another hard choice. They have several fine albums in their catalog. My selection is Strength. It includes many great songs like “Spirit of 76”, and is better than their debut album, Declaration.

At #17 — Mars Needs Guitars by the Hoodoo Gurus

Next up is another underrated Australian band, the Hoodoo Gurus. They have several awesome albums to pick from. My favorite is Mars Needs Guitars. It is the first record I bought by this band and have loved it ever since. That is saying something decades later.

The best record by Green Day is Revolution Radio

At #16, is Green Day. Here is perhaps a surprise choice. My pick is Revolution Radio, one of their more modern records. I have to confess that I don’t own Dookie on vinyl. Time to go record shopping.

#15 — Rush with Moving Pictures

Coming in at #15 is Rush. A really easy choice for this band. Moving Pictures is hands down their best record. It is perhaps a picture-perfect album. If you do not like this record, then you do not like this band.

Coming in at #14 — The Cure with The Head on the Door

At #14 is the Cure. Lots of choices with this band. My pick is The Head on the Door. It includes several excellent songs like “In Between Days”, and many others. I believe it is their best album.

At #13 — Queen with News of the World

At #13 is Queen. Another large catalog of music for this band. My selection for their best album is News of the World. Yes — it includes their overplayed hit songs “We Will Rock You”, and “We are the Champions”. I challenge you to listen to the rest of the album. It is full of powerful music.

The best album by REM is Reckoning

At #12 is REM. Once again there are a lot of choices here. My selection is Reckoning, their second full length record. It is mellow, but boy does it have a ton of great songs on it.

Finishing this part of the list — 1984 by Van Halen

At #11 is Van Halen. Here is perhaps another surprise choice. You are probably thinking I would pick their debut album. The reality is that I don’t own it on vinyl. I definitely need to fix that. My choice is 1984. It is their last album with the original line-up to include David Lee Roth singing lead vocals. This album is killer with several huge hits like “Jump”, “Hot for Teacher”, and “Panama”.

There you have it — part 4 of my newest list. If you recommend a band — let me know in the comments. All feedback is welcome. Feel free to post your own list.

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