The best three albums by my top fifty favorite rock bands, #24 — The Black Crowes

Doug Keating
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I’m identifying the best three albums by my fifty favorite rock bands of all time. This blog is for a hard-rocking band from Atlanta, #24 — The Black Crowes.

Criteria for selecting the best three albums

First, Greatest Hits albums are permitted. Second — no live albums. I’ll mention even though I haven’t seen them live The Black Crowes have released several excellent live albums. Give a special listen to the double album where they have Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin on guitar and play a lot of Zep music. Third, for the top 25, I am including an honorable mention album for each band.

Black Crowes Albums ranked by ChatGPT

Let’s see what artificial intelligence says about the list. Here are the results from ChatGPT for rank ordering The Black Crowes’ albums. This list is a good starting point but not completely correct.

  1. “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” — This album is widely considered The Black Crowes’ masterpiece, and it’s the one that cemented their place in rock history. It received critical acclaim upon release, sold well, and remains a fan favorite to this day.
  2. “Shake Your Money Maker” — The Black Crowes’ debut album was a massive commercial success, and it spawned several hit singles that still get airplay today. It also received generally positive reviews and is seen as a classic of the blues-rock genre.
  3. “Amorica” — This album is highly regarded by both fans and critics for its ambitious songwriting, strong musicianship, and provocative cover art. While it didn’t sell quite as well as the band’s earlier albums, it has gained a cult following over the years.

The third-best album by this band is By Your Side

The third-best album by The Black Crowes is called By Your Side. I will confess when it comes to this band I prefer their hard-rocking music to some of the acoustic lighter stuff. The reason I rank this album so high is it kicks. Some really awesome guitar music on this one. I love the energy of it. Some fans don’t like this record. They think it’s overproduced. I, on the other hand, say this is a really good album.

The second-best album by The Black Crowes

The second-best album by The Black Crowes is their second record The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Some people actually think is their best album that’s how good it is. The band was under a lot of pressure after the big commercial success of their debut album to deliver another great record. They definitely did it with this one. It has some really good songs I enjoy a lot like “Remedy”.

Honorable mention album for this band

Time for the honorable mention album for The Black Crowes. It is Warpaint. In the 2000s this band released several records that actually are pretty good. They’re more mellow and acoustic sounding. Warpaint is the one I prefer. They also released an interesting double album that they recorded live in a studio. That one just tends to go on a bit much for my taste. I do think Warpain is worth a listen


The best album by The Black Crowes

The best record by The Black Crowes is their debut record Shake Your Money Maker. This album rocks. I definitely own this one on vinyl. Look at the lineup “Twice as Hard”, “Jealous Again”, “Could I have been so Blind”, “Hard to Handle”, and “She Talks to Angels”. I listened to this album last night and it still rocks end to end. Go get a copy of it on vinyl, put it on your record player, and crank up the volume.

There you have it — the three best Black Crowes albums. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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