The best three albums by my top fifty favorite rock bands, #26 — Spoon

Doug Keating
4 min readMay 13, 2023


I’m identifying the best three albums by my fifty favorite rock bands of all time. This blog is for another modern-era band #26 — Spoon.

Criteria for selecting the best three albums

First, the band must have more than three albums. Some of you have never heard of Spoon. They have been around for two decades and they have a lot of albums. Second, Greatest Hits albums are permitted. Spoon has a good one. but I did not include it on the list. Third no live albums.

Spoon Albums ranked by ChatGPT

Let’s see what artificial intelligence says about the list. Here are the results from ChatGPT for rank ordering Spoon’s albums. This list is a good starting point but focuses too much on their early albums.

  1. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007) — This album is widely regarded as one of Spoon’s most successful releases. It features polished, catchy pop-rock songs with inventive arrangements and crisp production. Songs like “The Underdog” and “Don’t You Evah” showcase the band’s knack for writing instantly memorable hooks, while the album as a whole is notable for its tight and focused sound.
  2. Kill the Moonlight (2002) — This album represents a creative peak for Spoon, with the band experimenting with unconventional song structures and lo-fi production techniques. The songs on this album often feature sparse instrumentation and minimalist arrangements, with singer Britt Daniel’s distinctive voice at the forefront. Despite its stripped-down sound, Kill the Moonlight is full of catchy melodies and clever lyrics that reward repeated listens.
  3. Girls Can Tell (2001) — This album marked a major step forward for Spoon in terms of songwriting and production. The band’s sound became more focused and refined, with a strong emphasis on pop hooks and memorable choruses. Tracks like “Me and the Bean” and “Everything Hits at Once” are among the band’s most beloved songs, and the album as a whole has a consistent quality that makes it a favorite among fans and critics alike.

One thing that caught my eye — ChatGPT described this band as having catchy melodies with clever lyrics that require repeated listens to enjoy. That has been my experience with this band. The first time I heard him I didn’t like them at all. Now, I think some of their music is pure genius.

The third-best album by this band is Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

The third-best album by Spoon is called Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. It is an excellent album with two really good songs on it: “Don’t You Ever” and “The Underdog”. If you have never heard of this band before, then this album is a good starting point.

The second-best album by Spoon

The second-best album by Spoon is called Lucifer on the Couch. It is their most recent release that I have on vinyl. Songs that I really like include “The Hardest Cut”, “Feels all right”, “On the Radio” and the title track. There is not a bad song on this album. I highly recommend it.

The best album by Spoon

The best album by Spoon is called Hot Thoughts. I have this one on vinyl as well. This record is the first album I listened to by this band. I have to confess that I didn’t like it the first few times I listened to it. There’s some weird stuff and a little too much cowbell. The more I listen the more I enjoy. Now it is one of my favorite albums to listen to. With that thought in mind, I’m giving their early catalog more listens. Similar experience for me. It is growing on me. I recommend you do the same. Explore this band if you have not listened to anything by this band and give it some time they may just grow on you.

There you have it — the three best Spoon albums. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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