The best three albums by my top fifty favorite rock bands, #30 — Twenty-One Pilots

Doug Keating
3 min readMay 2


I’m returning to my top 50 favorite rock bands. In this video series, I’m identifying the best three albums by each band. This blog is for band #30 — Twenty-One Pilots.

Criteria for selecting the best three albums

First, the band must have more than three albums. 21 Pilots is a relatively new band. They do have more than three albums. Second Greatest Hits albums are allowed. Third — no live albums. This band has not really released a live album although they do have a pretty good MTV Unplugged available on Spotify.

The third-best album by this band is Trench

The third-best album by Twenty-One Pilots is called Trench. This is a concept album although I don’t know what the concept is. I do know it is it has a lot of good music on it. I own this one on vinyl. It is a double LP so a long listen for sure, and worth the time.

The second-best album by Twenty-One Pilots

The second-best album by 21 Pilots is called Scaled and Icy. it is a really good record for several reasons First it was released during the pandemic and was actually pretty upbeat. Some Twenty-One Pilots songs are kind of moody and melancholy. Not on this one. Second, it’s relatively short. A few other albums by this band are a little long for me. Third, it is full of good music. I listened to it in its entirety this morning and I had a great time listening to this record. You will too.

The best album by Twenty-One Pilots

The best Twenty-One Pilots album is called Blurryface. This is the record that introduced me to the band. It has so much good music on it. I own this one on vinyl. It kicks off with “Heavy Dirty Soul”, and goes to “Stressed Out”, “Ride”, and “Tear in My Heart”. Blurryface is a really good album by this modern band.

There you have it — the three best 21 Pilots albums. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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