What happens when leaders do not have a good strategy?

Leaders determine the strategy.

Driving without a known destination — fog ahead

Driving without a known destination leads to a foggy picture.

Example — meal kit home delivery companies

Why go to the grocery store if you can have the meals delivered to your front door.

Everyone gets a discount — especially your friends

This box service offers more than 50% off.

Hard to compete on price alone

It is common to see a large discount for your first box to lure you into subscribing.

It was super easy to join

Lock the door — you can enter but never leave

Even Sun Basket which advertises fresh ingredients had quality issues.

Trying to please Wall Street — swimming with the sharks

Blue Apron decided that courting Wall Street was more important than customer service.

Effective leaders play the long game

Real leaders avoid shortcuts

ATW! is designed to make you a better leader




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