Why in the world start a new company now?

Dark clouds are forming on the horizon.

We live in troubled times

  • Racism — Charlotteville scared us. How could something like that happen in 2017? I went to school in Charlottesville, worked there, and lived there for several years. It is a sleepy small Southern town with a great university and a world-class hospital, not a breeding ground for racist bigots.
Racists gather in front of the Rotunda located at the University of Virginia.
  • Gun violence — Las Vegas was disturbing, just like all the other gun violence incidents. Too many examples to list without getting angry. Have we even started to deal with this problem, or are we going to keep kicking the can down the road, hoping it gets better?
The number of people killed with guns is disturbing.
  • Sexual Harassment — this problem is not new. It has been building up for decades, perhaps even centuries. The list of creepy men will continue to grow as more and more are exposed for their unacceptable behavior. Hopefully, we men will learn one day. Let’s make it today.
Unwanted advances by men need to stop.
  • America is divided — recent election results clearly demonstrate that we are a nation divided. Congress is mired in partisan politics. The two-party system is being questioned. Hardly anything gets done. They cannot even pass a budget. When will we see progress?
2016 Presidential Election results show the divide.
  • Europe is splintering — BREXIT was the first sign of trouble. Germany is struggling to put a coalition government in place. Refugee problems continue. The dream of a united Europe is starting to fade as countries decide to put their own interests first.
Brexit left many wondering about the future of the European Union.
  • Cybersecurity incidents — having your personal data stolen is starting to become a normal part of life. The list of companies, organizations, and government agencies that have been hacked continues to grow. Way too many to list here. Is anyone’s data safe?
Hackers continue to steal personal data to include passwords.
  • Terrorist incidents — we still see terrorist incidents all over the world. Some within our own borders like the recent bizarre attack in Manhattan. Others are well-coordinated like the Paris attacks last year. Will the war on terror ever end? Hard to tell.
Flowers placed near the most recent NYC terrorist attack site.
  • Rogue countries — North Korea and Iran to name a few. Does anyone think it is a good idea for either one of these countries to possess nuclear weapons? Of course not. But it is getting harder to stop their progress. Should we negotiate with maniacs?
North Korea continues to build and test missiles.
  • Russia meddling in our elections — looks like they did it, using our own technology against us. I picture a shirtless Vladimir Putin smiling somewhere in Russia as he continues to create chaos in other countries to prop up his own country’s stature.
Signs point to Russia influencing our elections.
  • Healthcare costs — they continue to rise with no end in sight. Compare the cost of healthcare in the US with other developed countries in the world. It is eye-opening to see the difference. Sure — we have the best healthcare. But at what cost.
Patients are making harder choices these days.
  • Education costs — the cost of a college education continues to rise at an alarming rate. I have to write an in-state tuition check every semester. It takes my breath away, but I do it so that my children do not graduate with a mountain of debt. I can only imagine writing a check for an out-of-state school. It would probably make me tear up.
The cost of college has been rapidly rising for years.
  • Sports — even the sports entertainment industry is struggling. The NFL is a mess. Should the players stand for the National Anthem, or not? What about all the injuries? Ticket sales are declining and hard questions are starting to be asked of the owners and players.
Some NFL players kneel during the National Anthem.

None of these problems will be easy to solve

Not everything is doom and gloom

ATW! is designed to make you a better leader





Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger, www.lettertosons.com, Founder of All The Way Leadership! http://www.allthewayleadership.com/

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Doug Keating

Doug Keating

Leader and learner. husband and father. Novice blogger, www.lettertosons.com, Founder of All The Way Leadership! http://www.allthewayleadership.com/

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