Why the Uncommon Leadership Model is the better way

Organizations that emphasize leadership build better culture.
The Uncommon Leadership Model — leadership is emphasized more than management.

Leadership is emphasized — you see it and hear it

Leaders are expected to increase their impact over time

  1. Leader — the first line of leadership. You are a team leader. Usually responsible for leading a team of 10 or fewer members. It is vital you learn the fundamentals of leadership before progressing to the next level. If you do not problems will arise after you are promoted.
  2. Senior Leader — the next level of leadership. You are a leader of leaders. Usually responsible for a team of teams (3–5 teams) that are led by leaders. Typical responsibility includes 30–50 people. It is important you understand how to lead via your leaders. Otherwise, you will struggle at this level and may drive the people who work for you crazy.
  3. Executive Leader — the first level of executive leadership. You are a leader of senior leaders (3 to 5 senior leaders). Your team includes many teams, multiple levels, and more complexity. Typical responsibility includes 100–150 people. Your ability to directly affect performance continues to diminish. At this level, you must be able to lead your senior leaders effectively.
  4. Senior Executive Leader — the next level of executive leadership. At this point, you are a leader of executive leaders (3 to 5 executive leaders). Your team is big — many levels, many leaders, many teams. Typical responsibility includes 300–500 or more people. At this point in your career, you have reached rarified air and face huge expectations. You must be able to effectively lead executive leaders. Otherwise, you will be replaced by someone who can.
  5. The top — some organizations have even higher levels of leadership with even more responsibility. I am not going to include any more levels since I have not worked at that level and do not feel qualified to help leaders at these levels. If you achieve this level and need help — hire an executive coach. It is worth the investment.

Focus is on producing better results

Leaders are always looking for a better way.

This model cultivates a healthy corporate culture

1. Collaboration is expected

The US worked with Russia during Bosnian peacekeeping operations.
The US worked with Russia during Bosnian peacekeeping operations.

2. Innovation is promoted

Innovation is necessary to survive in today's business environment.
Innovation is necessary to outpace your competition in today’s business environment.

3. Empowerment is encouraged

The Uncommon Leadership Model is the better way

ATW! is designed to make you a better leader



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